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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Did you know needle felting can be used for repairs?

One of my very first major projects in wet felting was a large purse, with two pockets, a nice sized flap with two felted buttonholes and felted buttons on the purse, and a braided felted rope strap. I lined it also. I've been carrying this purse non-stop since I finished it, and it was beginning to show "wear." Portions of the purse started to wear through, and the braids on the strap started fraying a bit. So a few weeks back I took time to repair it with needle felting. Luckily I still had spare wool in the same colors I used on the purse. Now it looks like new! You can add wool to an item, and needle felt it to fix holes or worn spots, and to firm up anything that may have become weak. There are other repairs you can do with needle felting as well, such as repairing holes in socks (I would rather needle felt than sew any day!), and if you complete a wet felting project only to find an area that is not thick enough, or has a hole, you can needle felt to fix that also. Repair holes in sweaters, coats and blankets and needle felt designs over large areas that are in need of repair, so it would add flair and fix at the same time. Have a hole in an item of clothing? You can needle felt designs on other some non-wool fabrics too to repair holes or worn areas. Test a hidden spot, and if it works, you're in business. Revive and update! Try needle felting to repair a child's favorite stuffed animal that has worn spots or holes or to seal torn seams. If you make a nuno felt project, a 40 gauge felting needle can be used to fix up edges or add more design. Doll makers can use needle felting to repair dreadlocks (will even repair human dreadlocks, or make loops in dreadlocks. Just don't needle your head!), or some other cloth doll parts. In some cases, depending on the item, you can fold your wool or pinch it together with your fingers, and then needle felt to repair. What I've found with felting is the more you play with it, the more ways you find to use it and do it! Happy Felting!

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