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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is Congress the ultimate bureaucracy?

After listening to news today about the meeting President Obama had with members of our legislative branch, I'm beginning to think that Congress is the ultimate bureaucracy. President Obama appears to be doing his part to be non-partisan, to consider all ideas and come up with the best plan to help improve our ailing and failing economy. He talked, also listened, and even took envelopes which contained specific ideas Congress members would like to see happen with the stimulus package. Much of what came out of that meeting is under consideration by the Obama administration. But what I've seen come from Congress, is that the members seemed to be able to have meaningful discussion with President Obama, but they don't seem to be able to do this amongst fellow members. They all talk, it seems no one listens, and then in the end they still disagree. Democrats write legislation and seem to expect the Republicans to just go along and approve it. The Republicans automatically disapprove because they weren't in on the writing of the bill, or because none of their ideas or concerns were considered. So why do they even discuss it? What are they accomplishing? Both parties must change their ways, must begin to hear each other, must be willing to bend. I just wonder what is going on in their minds and behind closed doors that we don't hear. Who are they representing? I don't feel very well represented by Congress. How about you?

And so I found this saying that sums up my view of Congress today:

Dealing with bureaucracy is like trying to nail jelly to the wall.
- John F. Kennedy

I say the word "Congress" can very easily be inserted to replace the word "bureaucracy", and have the same impact.

Interesting who the author is, isn't it?


NewLifeDesigns said...

I totally agree, I haven't felt like we were being represented by Congress for years. And, it's not a new situation. If you go back and read Mark Twain's & Will Roger's comments re: politics, and you can see it appears to be an inbred kind of problem! LOL!! Maybe it's something in their water?!


Sue said...

haha.. yeah, maybe it's something in their water, and something else they wish they added to ours!