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Sunday, December 7, 2008

What I did vs what I wanted to do

Today was productive, in a sorta kinda way. I did tons of paperwork/recordkeeping, laundry, dishes, and cleaned out the fridge of those oldy n'moldy devils that lurked. That's productive, sorta, right?

What I wanted to do was to continue my "large" needle/wet felting upcycled-fulled wool sweater, multi-piece project, and get the special gift for my Best Customer Award done. So here I am, late in the day, having done something, but not having done what I really wanted to do. And tomorrow, I have "errands" that must be done, and the next day I hope to visit my son who's in town (well 80 miles or so from me.) So that means by Wednesday I might get to what I call "progress" on my projects. Plus there are a couple of smaller projects that I need to get pics of so I can put them up.

I'm not sure I'll be baking many Christmas cookies this year. I usually have lots of kinds, and lots of each kind. Just not sure I'm going to BE THERE this year.

Well, for now, until I go to bed, I'm going to do a little of the felting. Hopefully I'll get more than 3.5 hrs of sleep tonight. Last night I was up all night, and finally retired for sleep at 8am! The coffee is on a timer, and it was brewing just before I turned in. Sheesh. Didn't get anything done except for lots of mulling things over in my head. Wasted time!

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